Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alot of green

As we move closer and closer to the actual wedding date, i find myself not posting anything and actually DOING things. Things are looking really great for now. I just bought the last of the candy for our candy bar online.

Here you can see 6 of the 8 glass containers, curious george and my dad dutifully taking off one of the labels.

Bought the green ties for the groomsmen, which upon delivery, my mom said were VERY green. excellent.

Secured bow ties for the little guys in the family. i'm particularly excited about this detail.

Finished bridesmaids' necklaces. this was my first foray into jewelry making, and i'm pretty proud of myself. like peas in a pod, these girls.


Carlie said...

i cant wait

Tina said...

Love the little Jonas bowtie! He's going to look fab.

And I'm excited for the necklace. I wish I had shoes to match.

.nic. said...

so cute, those necklaces.