Friday, January 23, 2009

post script updated!

Here's our list, updated. it feels really good to have so much stuff done. that blasted crinoline is taking forever for me to make. mostly because it's not really that fun to make... behold, how good we are at doing stuff: (not the added first bullet point, while i did say my dress was a teensy bit small, i failed to mention that it was actually a lot too small. so i said goodbye to sugar and hello to 2 hour gym visits and lo and behold, it zips!

to do:

DONE fit into dress
DONE print invitations
DONE mail invitations
DONE get rental plates
HALF DONE make jewelry for bridesmaids (about halfway done)
HALF DONE finish making crinoline (multi-colored! awesome!Update: SO HARD TO MAKE)
DONE figure out extra silverware/napkins
print polaroid photos
take direction photos (eat this, sit here, etc.)
DONE write down cake recipes
DONE buy ties
DONE order flowers
get rock candy/white mints
DONE book hotel for kristina/jared
HALF DONE buy music on itunes for em, email em/figure out music
ceremony things, figure it out...traditional? procession/recession music?
cut/sand/stain wood photo-holding blocks

not so bad for 5 weeks, no? my mom's list looks something like this:

DONE order food
DONE put on quilts
DONE sew napkins

flowers- no bouquet holder, no throw away
bouquet of stems- 1 bride, 6 bridesmaids- no holders-
2 mini for little girls
9 bouts- ??
mothers- 2 (11 pins) (have boxes)
decorations? vases?
11 vases?
24-25 centerpiece vases

Lemons and limes and grapefruits- Sheri- lemons, Ann- grapefruit and oranges
Orange juice with club soda and ice cream for creamsicle drink
6 acrylic scoops
basket for candy cones

2 long tables for food
2 rounds for candy and cake
projector screen
glass containers for drinks
call Sharon about flowers

so much stuff. so much awesome. i can't wait!

chad, the barbarian. me, the librarian.

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