Thursday, January 29, 2009


there are a few ways that i like to mark events. one of the earliest ways is to look at the expiration dates on milk. since it's usually 2 weeks out, it's a good starting point.

"i'll be in mexico before this milk goes bad!"

"i could drink out of this carton two days AFTER christmas!"

there are other markers:

the week mark: "i'll be on an airplane in exactly one week from right now!"

the grocery store mark: "can i eat this many green beans before i leave?"

the social events mark: "i'd love to come, but i'll be gone..."

one of the best markers just happened for out wedding day. the 10 DAY FORECAST marker.

what does the wedding day weather look like? partly cloudy and 73 degrees. cloudy means good pictures, 73 degrees means happy outdoor wedding guests.

i couldn't be more excited. let's just get married already, ok?

(from my bridal shower last weekend, Chad came for the last portion of it and we revisited some rather suggestive paragraphs that the girls wrote. this is a shot of our collective embarrassment. it was awesome.)

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.nic. said...

:D such a great marker! xo,nic