Thursday, January 29, 2009


there are a few ways that i like to mark events. one of the earliest ways is to look at the expiration dates on milk. since it's usually 2 weeks out, it's a good starting point.

"i'll be in mexico before this milk goes bad!"

"i could drink out of this carton two days AFTER christmas!"

there are other markers:

the week mark: "i'll be on an airplane in exactly one week from right now!"

the grocery store mark: "can i eat this many green beans before i leave?"

the social events mark: "i'd love to come, but i'll be gone..."

one of the best markers just happened for out wedding day. the 10 DAY FORECAST marker.

what does the wedding day weather look like? partly cloudy and 73 degrees. cloudy means good pictures, 73 degrees means happy outdoor wedding guests.

i couldn't be more excited. let's just get married already, ok?

(from my bridal shower last weekend, Chad came for the last portion of it and we revisited some rather suggestive paragraphs that the girls wrote. this is a shot of our collective embarrassment. it was awesome.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

duh, invitations

We finished (mostly) invitations this week finally. these were all taken on the night that we rocked through what? 120? it was a long night. but i'm happy with the results. now, i know i can't do anything remotely different without someone saying, "OH, THAT'S SO WENDY. SO ZANY." the photo we chose is a bit abstract, and you can't see our faces that well, but what can you see? chain link, industry, awesome color blocks. that's all we want you to see, guys. plus, you'll see so many bloody pictures of us at the wedding, your heads will spin. I'm including a few photos from the same shoot that didn't make the cut, but almost did. did we make the right decision on the photo? you're welcome to comment below, but be warned, the deed's done, so be nice. plus, we love it.

Alot of green

As we move closer and closer to the actual wedding date, i find myself not posting anything and actually DOING things. Things are looking really great for now. I just bought the last of the candy for our candy bar online.

Here you can see 6 of the 8 glass containers, curious george and my dad dutifully taking off one of the labels.

Bought the green ties for the groomsmen, which upon delivery, my mom said were VERY green. excellent.

Secured bow ties for the little guys in the family. i'm particularly excited about this detail.

Finished bridesmaids' necklaces. this was my first foray into jewelry making, and i'm pretty proud of myself. like peas in a pod, these girls.

Friday, January 23, 2009

post script updated!

Here's our list, updated. it feels really good to have so much stuff done. that blasted crinoline is taking forever for me to make. mostly because it's not really that fun to make... behold, how good we are at doing stuff: (not the added first bullet point, while i did say my dress was a teensy bit small, i failed to mention that it was actually a lot too small. so i said goodbye to sugar and hello to 2 hour gym visits and lo and behold, it zips!

to do:

DONE fit into dress
DONE print invitations
DONE mail invitations
DONE get rental plates
HALF DONE make jewelry for bridesmaids (about halfway done)
HALF DONE finish making crinoline (multi-colored! awesome!Update: SO HARD TO MAKE)
DONE figure out extra silverware/napkins
print polaroid photos
take direction photos (eat this, sit here, etc.)
DONE write down cake recipes
DONE buy ties
DONE order flowers
get rock candy/white mints
DONE book hotel for kristina/jared
HALF DONE buy music on itunes for em, email em/figure out music
ceremony things, figure it out...traditional? procession/recession music?
cut/sand/stain wood photo-holding blocks

not so bad for 5 weeks, no? my mom's list looks something like this:

DONE order food
DONE put on quilts
DONE sew napkins

flowers- no bouquet holder, no throw away
bouquet of stems- 1 bride, 6 bridesmaids- no holders-
2 mini for little girls
9 bouts- ??
mothers- 2 (11 pins) (have boxes)
decorations? vases?
11 vases?
24-25 centerpiece vases

Lemons and limes and grapefruits- Sheri- lemons, Ann- grapefruit and oranges
Orange juice with club soda and ice cream for creamsicle drink
6 acrylic scoops
basket for candy cones

2 long tables for food
2 rounds for candy and cake
projector screen
glass containers for drinks
call Sharon about flowers

so much stuff. so much awesome. i can't wait!

chad, the barbarian. me, the librarian.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I wrote something last night regarding the garter/bouquet toss for another piece

No. no, no, no. It’s fun when you’re 14, but once you exit puberty, there’s something so base about scuffling with other single women for some cheap prize that you don’t really even want. As for the garter, it’s hard to make a guy reaching up a girl’s dress and pulling off an undergarment look anything other than...what it is.

I don't really feel quite that strongly about it as all that, but I do wonder what all the hoopla is about.
I realize that I'm probably opening up a can of something here, as my three married siblings did it (one as recently as a week ago)...but I'm wondering. Married people: did you do the garter/bouquet toss at your wedding? Why or why not?
Unmarried people: Do you like it? Love it? Is anyone sort of ambivalent? As married folks, is it more fun to watch or participate?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

while i've been away

toiling in the 70 degree heat to work on a couple of wedding projects, chad has been busy at work fashioning our cake stands. behold:

we're going to assemble them on their multi leveled pedestals, but not until we get here, so they're easier to ship. also, we won't need to buy ourselves a power drill just yet.

but seriously, don't those look awesome? i'm stoked.

thinly veiled

guess who made her veil tonight?

if you guessed me, you'd be correct, sort of.

my mom did most of it. and it looks awesome. i'm glad i read somewhere that another girl who made her own birdcage veil said it took her over 2 hours to get it right, so the 30 minutes or so it took us wasn't bad at all. (pardon the crappy iphone photo) also, i'm wearing black yoga pants and a white hanes undershirt, which i've found is my default outfit choice when i'm home.