Monday, January 12, 2009


I wrote something last night regarding the garter/bouquet toss for another piece

No. no, no, no. It’s fun when you’re 14, but once you exit puberty, there’s something so base about scuffling with other single women for some cheap prize that you don’t really even want. As for the garter, it’s hard to make a guy reaching up a girl’s dress and pulling off an undergarment look anything other than...what it is.

I don't really feel quite that strongly about it as all that, but I do wonder what all the hoopla is about.
I realize that I'm probably opening up a can of something here, as my three married siblings did it (one as recently as a week ago)...but I'm wondering. Married people: did you do the garter/bouquet toss at your wedding? Why or why not?
Unmarried people: Do you like it? Love it? Is anyone sort of ambivalent? As married folks, is it more fun to watch or participate?


Hans said...

hated it as a single guy, and won't do it at my own wedding.

Carlie said...

we actually did not do the garter toss simply because we forgot to bring it. i didn't miss it.
some traditions are fun, but... eh. i like the bouquet toss, but it also singles out the single gals, which is awkward.

steve said...

It always seemed wrong. Not a big fan.

Erin Leigh said...

when there is a toss, i find myself exiting to the restroom.

Tina said...

Ditto to what Carlie said, we didn't do the garter because we forgot it. I'm glad about that.
The bouquet toss is okay, kind of lame and makes more unnecessary work for the florist (which I think is you in this case, right?). So I say, ditch them both. Everyone will be having such a fun time groovin at your reception that they won't notice.

Timothy H said...

This is a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation. Disrespecting it would be spitting in the face of antiquity. You people make me sick.

That said, Cindy and I didn't at our wedding. We talked about all the traditions, why people do them, and when we couldn't figure it out we opted out of almost all of them.

Better yet, no one seemed to miss them, except the kids who really wanted a fake cake made of rice crispie treat.

p.s. sorry I told everyone that they made me sick.

Adelyn said...

Ryan and I are going to do it - And then throw it at your face.

(Not funnnniiieeee!)