Tuesday, November 25, 2008


in a very fruitful two days, i've acquired the following:
veil material (now i just need to sew it. ahh!)
25 centerpiece vases
napkin fabric (50% of it at least)
photobooth backdrop fabric
120 place settings of silverware
120 glasses (plus 60 little ones for good measure)
8 glass containers fo our sweet-as-heck candy bar (all awesome!)

things i will do tomorrow:
return a few things to C&B, since i found the same things at *ahem* rossdressforless for, well, less.
take my entire cavalcade of a family into tiffany and co. so they can see the ring that is not on my finger yet. (before dec. 6th my darlings!)

what i have decidedly not done:
acquired plates (we're going to rent these as the options were not what we want)
gone to the venue to poke around (this weekend hopefully)
ordered a wedding dress
flower consultation
catering consult/order

oh yeah, i should note that i am not actually engaged. i would tell you the sad story of how i was going to be engaged last week but our esteemed jeweler messed it up real bad. no matter.

i love getting things done. so so good.

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