Tuesday, November 18, 2008

pretty pretty princess

cat told me that i was so prepared for my wedding and totally planning ahead. truth be told, i'm only really excited about planing the cool parts. for example-
bridesmaid jewelry!

i want to make the jewelry. I think i'm going to use round green beads, so i'll have all of them decide the style they want and we'll all have different ones. i love the first one, lyd loves teh second and car loves the third. i'm excited to make them. now, earrings? awesome or too matchy match? i dont like wearing earings because my ears get huge and red and pussy no matter what type of metal it is. maybe i can do earrings for the moms.


Catherine said...

but you think everything is the fun/cool/amazing part.

except for possibly, gathering addresses... which i am sure is also done.


also, i hear you might have found a dress? do tell...

Pat and Dave said...

I know I am not the preferred commenter in these matters but Wendy, do you have time to do all these things? Wow, it seems that you want to do a lot of DIY. Get some help if you need to. I know lots of folks would be happy to pitch in!

wendy said...

i just bought veil stuff and shipped it to your house, pops. trust me, next week will be wedding central!

Pat and Dave said...

The box from Crate and Barrel arrived yesterday. Mom