Monday, November 17, 2008

baneful little things

looking into wooden bowls for centerpieces. they're all really expensive, especially since i'm not keen on keeping 12 wooden bowls (or even one, for that matter). found a couple of options at a location i am embarrassed to admit. i told chad today on the phone where i was going to look and he said, "aww, poor girl, did you just throw up a little bit in your mouth?" almost.
and then i think, are wooden bowls even cool? they seem a little bit teva-with-socks-and-bike-friday-hairy-legged-cargo-short-wearing-ecohippie lady to me. or maybe just boring.
maybe jsut stick to glass and hope that i'm awesome enough to make it look rad?
is there anythign really wrong with spring colors in february? february in arizona is peak summer in seattle. so yeah. yeah!


Tina said...

What's wrong with wooden bowls? I love them and have one (got it from IKEA). I think you should definitely use wooden bowls.
And what store are you grossed out about, Wal-Mart?

wendy said...