Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A.J. hey hey

Alex is my friend. Alex is the best. Alex is, among other things, a wildly talented artist. We wrote each other while he was missionning in Austria and Switzerland and his letters were always a really big deal. one of my favorite envelopes he sent was my name and address in huge, black (with yellowed edges) gothic type. it was so ornate and interesting and seemed so...european. anyway, alex offered (or agreed to, i'm not sure which) write out our wedding invitations. i love the look of handwritten invitations, but i don't want fantsy pantsy calligraphy, as i don't think it'll match our more informal atmosphere.

i like the looks of these styles of fonts alot. it's going to look awesome. i ordered the invitation supplies today and we're humming the tune of about $300, not including the screen printing kit, paint, and TONS of stamps. not bad for 200+ invitations.

(pictured- the former trampoline hole and me at our reception site. note the nervous nail biting. some things never change)

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